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35 Years Experience – Over 1500 Transactions

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Webster defines “transformation” as “that which involves complete and fundamental change.”

With the exception of death and divorce, few life events personify complete and fundamental change more than buying or selling a home.

In addition to being your largest single asset, your home symbolizes physical, emotional and financial security, all essential components of well being. Therefore, the unique and personal circumstances that serve as catalyst for you to change homes inevitably trigger varying degrees of stress.

Should you encounter an event or condition that threatens your health your focus will be to align yourself with the right physician. When confronted with a legal action or estate planning issues you will align yourself with the right attorney. Logically then, when life’s circumstances trigger your need or desire to buy or sell a home you must first seek out and then align yourself with the right Realtor.

In each of these life transforming situations, your search for the right representation must focus on uncovering who will bring the highest level of experience, knowledge and dedication to your individual circumstances so as to “de-stresswhat is an inherently stressful situation. When buying or selling a home, in order to insure the best possible representation you will need invest the requisite time conducting due diligence about the Realtors you interview. has been developed to help streamline the due diligence process by establishing my credentials as well as sharing the knowledge and perspectives acquired over 30 years of representing Tucsonans in the sale and acquisition of their largest single asset.

Before you tour, begin your due diligence by reviewing the 15 business and interpersonal relationship skills your Realtor should bring to the relationship. I refer to them as the “15 Hallmarks of Professionalism.”

We begin with the eight associated with building the Realtor/client relationship:

  1. Ability to communicate
  2. Ability to actively listen
  3. Organizational skills
  4. Dependability
  5. Loyalty
  6. Patience
  7. Compassion
  8. Sense of humor

Finally, here are the seven business-related skills associated with the degree of success or failure you may experience:

  1. Property analysis skills
  2. Strength in the various aspects of negotiation
  3. Proficiency in real estate and contract law
  4. Finance
  5. Ability to interpret statistical data
  6. Marketing skills
  7. Management skills

Each of the 15 Hallmarks is a separate topic of conversation you should have with the Realtors you interview. You can read more about this topic at Finding the Right Realtor. Please enjoy the site!


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