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September 6th, 2017

Homes seldom sell right off the bat. More often than not it takes weeks or months for a property to generate the right buyer.
One of the key functions of the seller’s Realtor is to gather and interpret data over time, using it to dispense advice designed to accomplish the seller’s stated objective of selling.
The listing agent’s practice of gathering data runs the gauntlet from garnering feedback from showings, tracking real estate activity in the immediate area and staying abreast of the seller’s often evolving circumstances.
A seller’s reaction to data provided by the listing agent typically sees them falling into one of two categories; Passive or proactive. Let’s examine the disparate traits associated with passive and proactive sellers.
PASSIVE SELLERS tend to have relative blinders on about their home. Even though the feedback points to the need to address problems (clutter, pets, deferred maintenance, price considerations etc.) the seller remains unresponsive, rebutting the feedback and investing in hope and denial at the expense of action. “Maybe the next prospect will pay my price.” “Why paint the interior when the next buyers can choose their own color? “ No showings before 10:00 AM.” “I’m in no hurry to sell.” “It’s only been on the market for 3 months.” “I’m not going to give my house away.” “Why should I pay $2,500 of the buyer’s loan fees?”
PROACTIVE SELLERS are responsive to feedback about their home, objective about the home’s potential drawbacks as well as the realities of the market. They exercise relative flexibility, especially in a tough market or if theirs’ is an unconventional home. Proactive sellers will pay for a buyer’s home warranty, some loan fees, even both, as long as doing so leads to a reasonable meeting of the minds and a net at closing that enables them to move on and let go of the responsibilities of a home they no longer need or want. Finally, proactive sellers are typically far sighted in the way they respond to both suggestions and offers. They understand the relationship between risk and reward and are able to grasp that time is money.