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October 16th, 2017

Too often, opposing parties locked in negotiation approach the process from the standpoint that in order for one party to win, the opposing party must lose. This “all or nothing” philosophy is not only limiting but often counter-productive, resulting in no agreement whatsoever.

The best negotiators approach the process with a win/win philosophy, one that acknowledges the goal is for each party to walk away from the negotiations feeling satisfied.

Negotiating parties do well when they understand that they must often compromise in some areas in order to reach a consensus in others. This is how some sellers will be flexible on price in order to get the ideal closing date, or why a buyer will pay a higher price in order to get the seller to absorb some of the buyer’s loan fees. This is why some sellers will include the $2,000 refrigerator in the sale in exchange for extending the closing date 3 weeks.