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Information for Buyers

The Agent’s Responsibilities to Buyer Representation

1.    Initial meeting – provide an overview of the entire process.  Subject to the client’s  questions, clients should allot 60-90 minutes.  Topics of discussion will include:
a. learning the client’s search parameters
b. learning the client’s financial personality and capabilities
c. discussing the role of negotiation as well as when and how it can manifest    during the  business process
d. discussing various loan programs that may best fit the clients’ circumstances
e. discussing the optimal relationship between the Realtor and the clients’ lender
f. discussing the roles of various Canin Group members in serving the client
g. imparting contact information of 2-3 reputable lenders and the importance of  obtaining the “AAR Pre Qual.” up front.

2.  Explain the Agency Disclosure and Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement.

3.  Provide the client the various documents that will be utilized during the process so that client can familiarize themselves with their content prior to their utilization.

4.  Establish client under “MLS Contact Management” which will automatically email client those listings that meet their search parameters as they come on the market.

5.  When feasible, preview homes so as to preserve the client’s time.

6.  Make all efforts to be available to show homes based on client’s schedule.

7.  Contact listing agent prior to  showings to suggest sellers and pets be gone and to flush out information that may eliminate the house from consideration but is not on the listing.

8. Once client has located a home of interest:

a.  Access Pima County tax rolls to obtain a history of the home

1. When purchased?

2. Purchase price?

3. Mortgage history?

b.  Conduct MLS history of the listing

1. How long on the market?

2. Have there been price reductions?

3. Is there a previous MLS listing?  if so, how does it compare to the current one?

c.  Utilizing MLS statistics, conduct and interpret an in depth analysis of the immediate area of subject property in an effort to ascertain legitimacy of the list price and begin to build a case for an offer.

d.  Contact listing agent in an attempt to flush out additional information relevant to the buyers.

1. Have there been any offers?

2. Why do you think the home is still on the market?

3. What can you share about the sellers’ circumstances?

4. Can you email us the Seller Property Disclosure and Insurance Claims History?

5. Pose questions relating to the buyers’ specific needs or circumstances in an effort to ascertain if the sellers’ circumstances will accommodate same.

a. Can we get an extended closing date?

b. Will the seller incur some of the buyers’ loan fees?

c. Is the seller open to paying for new flooring, etc.?

9.  Utilizing information obtained work with the client toward structuring an offer.

10. Contact lender to insure prompt receipt of the appropriate AAR Pre-Qualification form.

11. Insure all documents comprising the offer are understood fully by client prior to signing.

12. Compose a cover letter which will present the client in their best possible light which will accompany the offer.

13. Advocate on behalf of the client throughout negotiations until any impasses are bridged or it is apparent that the parties cannot come together.


A.  Open escrow and deposit earnest money.

B.  Supply client with at least 2 recommendations for any inspections desired by client to include but not necessarily be limited to: home inspectors, pool, termite, roof, electrical, remodeling contractors, plumbers, etc.

C. I or a group member will attend the home inspection.

D. Insure client receives all inspection reports in a timely manner.

E. Meet or conference with the client to determine which inspected items will require correction.

F. Construct the Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response”

G. Negotiate # 6 above until resolution or cancellation.  If cancelled, insure client receives earnest money

H. Monitor client’s loan process and appraisal

I. Insure negotiated repairs are completed in a timely manner and receipts provided

J. Negotiate addendums due to circumstances that evolve prior to closing

K. Review final settlement statement to insure accuracy.

L.Arrange and attend client’s final walk through inspection

M. Accompany client to final closing

N. Arrange for transfer of keys

O.Present housewarming gift!