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Tips for Sellers

The average person usually decides within two minutes whether they like a house. Their first impression is often the lasting impression. Prospective purchasers even start forming their opinion before they walk in the front door.

As a seller, it’s smart to ask yourself if your house is as presentable as it can be for a faster sale at the best price. The best way to find out is to imagine you’re a prospective buyer. Assess your own property the way you would look at other houses.

Here are some tips to make your house more presentable. A good rule to follow is to do cosmetic things, which will improve your chances of selling while avoiding having to make major changes.

The Kitchen

  1. This is the most important room in the house. Make it bright and attractive. If it’s dull, paint.
  2. Clean the ventilating hood over the stove.
  3. If the kitchen floor is badly worn, put down new flooring.
  4. Remove appliances kept on your counters. Clean counters will make the room look larger.

The Bathroom

  1. Repair dripping faucets.
  2. Keep fresh towels in all the bathrooms.
  3. Use special cleaning products to remove stains from toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and showers.
  4. If the sink and bathtub drain too slowly, take steps to de-clog them.

Clean Up, Fix Up, and Paint Outside of Home

  1. Invest in landscaping where it can be seen at first sight. A well manicured lawn, neatly clipped shrubbery, and cleanly swept walks create a good first impression.
  2. Cut back overgrown shrubbery that looks scraggly or keeps light out of the house.
  3. Be prepared to paint your house if necessary. This can probably do more for sales appeal than any other factor. If you decide against painting, at least consider touching up front shutters and window frames.
  4. Inspect the roof and gutters. Does your roof need recoating? Are gutters and downspouts in place? Are any repairs needed?
  5. Repaint and consider putting flowers outside the front door.
  6. Put a bright coat of paint on your mailbox.

Living Areas

  1. Have all plaster in top shape. Cracks (or nail-pops, or visible seams in drywall) are easy and inexpensive to fix.
  2. Check ceiling for leak stains. Fix the cause of the damage, repair the ceilings, and paint.
  3. If you have a fireplace, clean it out and lay some logs in it to make it look inviting.
  4. Windows – replace broken glass, mend torn screens, make sure they open and close properly, wash.
  5. Make sure every light switch works.
  6. Make sure the floors shine. Clean and polish them.
  7. Straighten up the closets and get rid of excess items that create clutter. Use air fresheners or other methods to eliminate odors. Lubricate any sticky or squeaking doors.
  8. Clean out the garage and dispose of everything you are not going to move. Package everything you won’t need until you’re settled in your new home.

When Your House Is Being Shown

  1. Keep room draperies and shades open to let light in. This also makes the room appear larger.
  2. Have your home well lit and picked up during showings. Neatness also makes a room look bigger.
  3. Avoid having dirty dishes in the sink or on counters.
  4. Keep any toys confined to the children’s rooms. Bikes, wagons, and skateboards should be made as inconspicuous as possible.
  5. Have as few other people as possible on the property while it is being shown. Keep pets outdoors.