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Mitch Canin

35 Years Experience – Over 1500 Transactions

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(520) 907-6526


  • 7423 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
  • Tucson, AZ 85715


Testimonials from Buyers in Tucson

Good Morning Mitch and Linda

Mitch, you have so much expertise. You knew the correct price to ask and how to market my house. I am really grateful and absolutely will recommend you to anyone contemplating a move.

Linda, your attention to me personally was so comforting during stressful times, and you never seem to lose your enthusiasm or energy. It make me feel as if I were your only client.

Thank you to both of you.
Cynthia Jackson


- Jackson Testimonial

From: Elise Gladish Date: June 1, 2015 at 2:42:22 PM MST
To: Mitch Canin
Cc: Nathan Gladish
Subject: Re: Hoping you are loving your new address

Yes, we are enjoying our new location. It is beautiful here.

Thank you for working with us. We are pleased that our home sold quickly and that you diligently worked to line up buying our new home at the same time. It was quite the learning process for us, and it is a big investment. We are looking forward to turning it into a space that others will enjoy with us.
Thank you for your expertise in the whole process!


Elise and Nathan



- Gladish Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern;

When starting to look for a house my wife and I had little experience on where to begin. We had extraordinary circumstances to deal with and were very nervous about the home buying process. To our luck we found Mitch and his team.
They coached us through the entire process; they were always available, and stuck with our deal through some tough negotiations. We are extremely happy with Mitch and the results of his hard work. We closed our house on 10-30-12, and are very happy with it.

Andrew Baumann
Angie Baumann


- Baumann Testimonial

Dear Mitch,

Tien and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have chosen you to be our realtor for our first home purchase. Your attention to detail, even-handedness, ability to ask all the right questions, honesty and willing to always act in our best interests was more than we could have hoped for. Your staff was also fantastic. I would not hesitate at all to recommend you highly to any friends or colleagues of mine in search of a home.

Best regards,

Kareem Shehab

Kareem & Tien Shehab


- Shehab Testimonial

Dear Prospective Client of Mitch Canin,

It is not possible to adequately portray our gratitude and praise for Mitch Canin in a letter, but we’d like to try:
We met Mitch in April of 2011 on the recommendation of our mortgage broker. Our home search had been a little unconventional.

First we lined up our financing, then we found the house we were interested in, and then we contacted Mitch because we wanted an experienced “attention to detail” agent to handle the real estate transaction that we thought was coming up. It would have been such an easy gig for him – we already found the house we were interested in! As it turns out, that property was not the one for us, and we are eternally grateful that Mitch helped us negotiate that offer, counter-offer, and subsequent cancellation of the contract.

Over the next 10 months, Mitch took us to so many properties! He was always checking MLS on our behalf, sending us listings when he thought we might like them, even though we ourselves were obsessively checking MLS nightly. He was so patient as we viewed, and then rejected, property after property for what might have seemed like petty reasons- but he never made us feel like we were wasting his time. He even met several of our friends and/or family members or whoever happened to be with us when we viewed properties.

It is hard to explain how the relationship evolved, or what it evolved into, but Mitch just ‘got us’. He understood when we wanted to put the home search on the back burner in order to plan our wedding. We did it again when the holidays came around. After the New Year, we resumed our search with renewed interest, and there were several properties we wanted to see. At one point we needed to see a property that was time-sensitive, so Mitch arranged to have a college of his show it to us. We ended up offering on that house as well, but Mitch once again saved the day, protecting us from what could have been a bad deal on a Fannie Mae property with AC units that had been stolen prior to our offer being accepted.

And then literally the very next day, our House came on the market! We knew it was special. Mitch knew it was special and we jumped on that offer immediately. I am not exaggerating when I say that if it weren’t for Mitch’s experience, foresight, and mediation skills, we would not be happily living where we are in our incredible new home.

Negotiating the sales contract for our home was the most tense, highly-charged, emotional process we’ve ever been through, but our agent handled it like the professional he is, never stopping to the level of the very unethical seller’s agent. After we were finally under contract, Mitch was there by our side every step of the way, calming our anxiety through inspections, a Post-Occupancy Agreement, all the way to the signing table at closing.

In short, he was amazing – and we are eternally grateful. Some day we will sell our former Rita Ranch home, which is now a rental property, and we will trust no one else but Mitch to handle all the details.
Yes, this is a long letter. But we would be remiss if we didn’t try to adequately explain why anyone should be honored and privileged to have Mitch Canin handle their real estate transaction.


Any and Mike Pertile


- Pertile Testimonial

“When we first decided to purchase a home for our son we considered different realtors. Impressed by years of receiving regular newsletters about the real estate market, we decided to contact you. We have been happy with this decision ever since.

“Because we were not purchasing a primary residence and we wanted a house in an area of Tucson of which we were unfamiliar, we cast a wide net of possibilities. You quickly helped us narrow our search and identify specific areas that met our needs. Your guidance when looking at specific houses was invaluable and we found a suitable home for our son on 2nd Street.

“We have bought and sold many homes in the past, each time using a knowledgeable realtor who could help us maneuver through any unforeseen circumstances encountered during the contract period. Without qualification, the purchase of this home presented us with some of the most unique circumstances we have ever encountered. This purchase challenged our knowledge of the contract period and perception of realtors. Your consistent focus on the ultimate goal of acquiring the house despite many roadblocks and your unwavering high ethical standards were a source of constant support for us. Without it we would not have purchased this home.

“Our son has happily settled into his new home and is embarking on a new phase of his life. This would have not been possible without you. When the time comes, we need not consider other realtors. We will simply call you. In the meantime, we won’t hesitate in recommending you to others.

“Thank you again for sharing with us your knowledge, ethics, and support.”

Eldon and Janet Vita


- Vita Testimonial